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The Excellence Suite

Our enterprise grade software was built from the ground up to support ever aspect of advanced S&OP. We provide the data scientists, engineers, coders, and process experts to find your data and get it impemented into a system that drives results in half the time than any other company.

Profit Forcast
Demand Forcast
Production Plans

Data Transformation

Find - Clean - Import

Data Engineering

Backend Code - Formulas - Metrics - Visualizations

Process Expert

3 software applications in 1

Pre-Configured to Best Practices

Sales and Operations Planning

  • Financial Impact Analysis
  • Supply Chain Modeling
  • Assumption Management
  • Process Management
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Project Planning
  • Scenatio Management
  • Performance Management/Analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Configurability/Scale/Global Deployment
    • Organizational Configurations
  • Permission Management
  • Integration/MDM
  • User Visualization/Interaction
  • Attribute Data
  • Create Dynamic Hierachies

Process Improvements

Strategy Development Framework

  • OGSM Templates
  • Priority Setting Tools
  • Goals and Tolerances tools
  • Repository for holding Strategic Research & Analysis

Process Excellence Framework

  • Best Practice Library
  • Assessment Capability
  • Multi-function Collaboration
  • Project Management Tools

Process Design & Sustainability

  • Day-in-the-life diagrams
  • Roles & Responsibility Docs.
  • Certification Program
  • Education Materials
  • Train the trainer program
  • Repository for ongoing learnings

Business Intelligence

  • Scorecards & Visualizations
  • Library of Industry Standard KPI's
  • Cross Functional/Calibrated Data
  • Time Period variability
  • Analytics
    • Descriptive & Diagnostic
    • Predictive & Prescriptive
    • Multi-dimensional
  • Flags and Alerts
  • Day-in-the-life Views and guidance
  • Organizational configurations and Permission Management
  • User Visualization and Interaction
  • Very fast analytics

Continuous Support

Configuration, Data Management, Process Review (from an expert), Hosting/Security/Backup, Ongoing Feature updates

Fastest Time to Results

Can you answer these all these questions in one minute or less?

How did our overall company actually do last month compared to forecast, both in terms of shipments and gross profit?

Who are our most profitable customers?

Are we better at forecasting shipments that are 1 month away versus 3 months? Why or why not?

Are we on track to meet our quarterly plan in terms of volume and profit? If not, which customers do we need to call to bump orders to be sooner?

If demand were to come in 15% higher than

Which customers, items, and locations missed their forecast last month by more than X shipments?

Am I biased to over-ship or under-ship my plan for each of my customers?

What do our end of year results look like if we remove bias from our forecasts?

Give a year over year sales trend for each customer over the past 4 months, is my current forecast predicting that trend to hold constant or change in the next 4 months?

Do we have any capacity to produce more of product X on production line Y?

With The Excellence Suite, you can.

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The Kinnetic Difference

Gross Profit % Increase

Basic S&OP
Advanced S&OP
Kinnetic Advanced S&OP


Based on Gartner industry averages, and 30 years of data from Kinnetic’s lowest performing quartile.

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The Path to Transformation


Month 1


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  • Advanced S&OP Master Course


(Learn more)

  • Assess Process & Tools
  • Determine Data Readiness
  • Determine Prople Readiness
  • Benefit Analysis - Project plan

Month 2-4


(Learn more)

  • Families & Hierarchy
  • OGSM by Family
  • Scorecards & Tolerances
  • Innovation Process
  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Pre & S&OP Meetings


(Learn more)

  • Data Readiness Established
  • Scorecards, Reports, Analytics
  • Planning Software Integration

Month 4-12


  • Innovation Review
  • Demand Review
  • Supply Review
  • Financial Review
  • Execurive Review
  • Dry Run
  • Cycle 1
  • Cycle 2
  • Cycle 3
  • Cycle 4
  • Cycle 5
  • Cycle 6
  • Cycle 7
  • Cycle 8

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