Our Methodology

Traditionally S&OP engagements require substantial long term commitment in inside/outside resources. Our approach is broken into steps that enable you to pay as you go, ensuring every step moves you up the maturity ladder, and delivers results.

About S&OP

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) started as a supply chain initiative designed to ensure production, distribution, and purchasing can meet customer demand. Since then, S&OP has matured into more efficient, comprehensive methodologies that integrate finance, marketing, sales, product development and corporate. The higher the S&OP process maturity, the more integrated the company becomes, the more staggering the results. Industry data clearly illustrates the financial advantages of using a more advanced S&OP (See below) which is why industry leaders state "S&OP is the single most important and critical cross-functional process." Despite this, few companies progress beyond stage 2 maturity.

Gross Profit % Increase

Basic S&OP
Advanced S&OP
Kinnetic Advanced S&OP


Based on Gartner industry averages, and 30 years of data from Kinnetic’s lowest performing quartile.

Stages of Advanced S&OP

    • Stage 1: Eliminate Bias
    • Manage Behavior
    • Accurate Data
    • Single Number System
    • Get the Number right
    • Stage 2: Drive with Assumptions
    • Understand the Lift
    • See the trends
    • Entire Planning Horizon
    • End-to-End Planning
    • Stage 3: Close the Gap
    • Understand the Why
    • Understand the How
    • Execute the Plan
    • Guide with Analytics
    • Stage 4: Mitigate Risk
    • Probability Analysis
    • Cross-functional Simulation
    • Idea Generation
    • Win the Strategy

Double Results?

How is Kinnetic able to more than double the industry average? While mature S&OP is designed to increase revenue by meeting customer demand, Kinnetic uses a unique methodology that focuses on growing revenue beyond that. We call that methodology the Path to Transformation.

Kinnetic Maturity Results

To be truly integrated, Kinnetic starts with the overall corporate strategic plan (vs the operational plan) and then works its way down to execution, using S&OP to deliver strategy company wide. S&OP is significantly more valuable when its purpose becomes one of delivering alignment, managing change and making the strategy happen.

The Path to Transformation

The path to transformation is a 5-step road map to achieve higher maturity faster and with less internal resources than any other company. It's broken into 3 phases, each marking a decision point as to whether one should continue. When properly utilized, a company will have achieved the following by:

  • Month 1 - A complete understanding of company's path and cost benefit.
  • Month 4 - A fully designed process.
  • Month 12 - A fully functioning process delivering significant results

Figure 3 illustrates how this is done within 12 months vs the industry average of 24 months.


Month 1


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  • Advanced S&OP Master Course


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  • Assess Process & Tools
  • Determine Data Readiness
  • Determine Prople Readiness
  • Benefit Analysis - Project plan

Month 2-4


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  • Families & Hierarchy
  • OGSM by Family
  • Scorecards & Tolerances
  • Innovation Process
  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Pre & S&OP Meetings


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  • Data Readiness Established
  • Scorecards, Reports, Analytics
  • Planning Software Integration

Month 4-12


  • Innovation Review
  • Demand Review
  • Supply Review
  • Financial Review
  • Execurive Review
  • Dry Run
  • Cycle 1
  • Cycle 2
  • Cycle 3
  • Cycle 4
  • Cycle 5
  • Cycle 6
  • Cycle 7
  • Cycle 8

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